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About our foster care.

A disproportionately high number of children in foster care in Australia come from Aboriginal families. In fact, every day, five more Aboriginal kids need care. That’s why, as Western Australia’s only Aboriginal foster care agency, we offer dedicated out-of-home care for Aboriginal children.

What is out-of-home care?

Out of Home Care (OoHC) is required when a child needs a safe place to live away from their family. A child’s home can be deemed unsafe due to domestic violence, drugs, alcohol or any number of factors.

Whatever the reason, with a dedicated case worker supporting every child and foster carer, we ensure every child has a safe, supportive and loving home.

How long is foster care required?

It depends. While we work to reunite Aboriginal families, it isn’t always possible. Some children only need care for a matter of days or weeks, while others need a loving home for years.

One thing is certain, though: whether it’s short-term respite care, or long-term out-of-home care, our carers transform children’s lives. And you can too.

Find out more about how to become a carer and why it’s such a rewarding experience – all you need is room in your heart and home.